Chessmaster_19 wrote:
I was kinda hoping that that Conflicker virus was going to turn out to be the worlds biggest rickroll. Would have been amazing.

that wouldnt be amazing that would be very very annoying!!!!!!!!!
..So, when's the next digest?
Yeah it'll have been 2 months in 2 days..
...So, when's the next digest?
"The attentive reader might take note of the fact that this update is a wee bit late.After initially going with a release cycle of once a week for the digest, it quickly became apparent that in order to continue writing digests with meaningful content, we'd have to cut down the amount of releases significantly.

And so we've moved to a monthly posting schedule now..."

The next issue will have something to the effect of:

"Any idiot on BYOND should have noticed by now that there has been no content in here for 4 months. If anybody still cares, we are moving to a yearly scedual."
Fugsnarf wrote:
The next issue

I no longer have anything to do with BYOND, and as such since no one else has taken up writing the Digests they're gone.
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