Yes! My kind brother the CSS-master is upgrading my site. We had to abort updating due to extreme wee hours, but the results should be very nice. He's about to set all box sizes to pixels instead of percentage, which could be good... Also, should he optimize the page for 1024 resolution instead of 800 as it is now?
Looking nice! I think it looks fine sized to 800.
Yes, looking good so far. Glad to see a post from you!
Nice job, Gazoot! I think the scheme looks great. Make sure you thank your brother some more =)
The site looks good, but I'm curious as to what the advantage is to designing for a specific resolution. =)
I also agree with Ebon, looks great at 800.
It looks really nice! Your brother did a great job! =)
Thanks guys! It's not finished yet so more updates will follow! The advantage of designing for 1024 instead of 800 for example, is just that the boxes will be larger. Now they are forced to a specific size in pixels due to CSS limitations. But if 800x600 resolution is common, which it seems to be, we'll stick to that one.
Wow, it looks so nice.
Why optomize it for 1024 by 768? It looks fine at this resolution, and if it looks nice at 800 by 600, too, you have most people's screens covered.