Megaman Wars

by Dixon
Megaman Wars
Colonel vs Harpuia!? Bass vs Sigma!? Who will win?
Then how would he be lost silly? Don't worry though, I found him, he was in the hospital, but don't worry about why :).
What are the macros for laptop,please help
I just notice that was Soaring sky... fail... So tell me what happened to your husband on pager or msn if I still have it.
How do I set attack macros y'all told me abt the save one already....and who would I have to ask if I wanted tomake a video I can get 50 plus new ppl on this game I come from a family of megaman lovers
The server is still up, HDK just updated the HUB so it doesn't show it.

What's forums link?
DraGoZaBiMaru wrote:
What's forums link?
Is good
Ohhhh ok =P
I just made an account in the forum plae,Name's Mariane.
wait.... oh Maria failure -_- its not as recent as i thought... Just gonna get back to Downloading illigal music bai.
Maria, fail, lrn2read... The forum says sign up with your byond key. And for those of you who are waiting to join.... The server is still up it just doesnt show up on hub...again.

Hey hey hey! This game looks really fun! how can i play it without having to search some whose already playing it? cuz i heard from my friend this game is a great source of entertainment that keeps you from masturbaiting and i wanted to know if there was an easier way to join the game? i usually play feval but i finally said Fuck that.
Dude, just look inside these comments and ZeroVirus has posted a link for the server being up. It just doesn't show up on the hub right now. Follow that link and it'll let you log into the server.
hey, is the server still on?
No you're high. Check the hub again incase if you can't see it.
Really a day zf?
Sorry for my absence. My computer won't even turn on because one of the system32 files got corrupted. I'm trying to find a new computer though. Using an iPod in the meantime.
What absence. You aren't really talking on here so how would I know if you don't get on!

Edit: Arc got on and well he removed you from the staff list Flame.
Actually, Dixon removed him. Also, thinking about taking the server down after the 17th this month. No purpose without the update everyone has been talking about.
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