To view the rules join the game. That's basicly the gist of it.

The forum access password is ptwi2011

Owner: Mattzz_2
GM's: Soldan, Strawberry Mivoshake, Silent Heart, Spirit, Athena
Host: Lithographic

I've seen countless comments which I've had to delete due to excessive use of swearing however the issue which has been brought up which is our over-zealous love for banning people. First of all, only Matt and I (Sink) have the power to ban so don't blame our GMs who do their jobs quite well. Secondly, we clearly state in the rules, which you have to read and accept before you can play, that if you break any of the rules we with-hold the right to ban you for any length of time we want. We're actually quite lenient and give many people several chances. So if you got banned then you deserved it, end of discussion.

We the staff of Pokemon Twilight do not claim ownership of any content or ideas viewed in this game as they all belong to their respected owners.
sorta rip off of rp reborn but eh might not
Dhilton wrote:
sorta rip off of rp reborn but eh might not

Far from it seeing as this game was complete before PRPR's 'Update' to the modern PRPR.

PRPR fails.
Kumorii wrote:
Dhilton wrote:
sorta rip off of rp reborn but eh might not

Far from it seeing as this game was complete before PRPR's 'Update' to the modern PRPR.

PRPR fails.

i know thew dumbass maker of the game bannedd me for buying a master ball
Demaris Lewis wrote:
GM enforce the rules to hard..
And i get muted for telling a non-GM shut up..[Sarcasm]Ownage[Sarcasm].

Point being that you shouldn't tell anybody to 'Shut Up' to begin with; Mod or not.
Common Courtesy.

Not to mention I'm pretty sure it's in the rules to respect players and mods.
I Really Good Game , The community is really nice. Mattzz_2 ++!
Your Gms, Mivo and Silent have Broken Rules 12 AND 5, Silent neglects the players that are ment to be unmuted and leave them for longer. Mivo "Sings" in OOC making it so players cannot see messages that may be important to them. Your Gms need to smarten up or need to be replaced.

I hope you notice the problems and take action, thank you for reading this message.
Kelseylock wrote:
gm's on this games are gay and they are qoars they bann you for nothing dont play this gay ass game or you will be gay,or if you are a girl you will be a lesbo

First of all, your grammar is fucking terrible. Also, grow the fuck up.

Lastly, Both of you two obviously did something to be banned - Your fault.
As for talking shit on the game, You're not doing anything except make yourself look even fucking stupider.
Kid, you'll learn that it's not smart to talk shit to a person who is likely twice as old as you. Especially when trying to protect your "girlfriend". Just gives me more fuel to light the fire.

Anyway, I'm not going to waste time by trolling you. So scurry off to watch Naruto or whatever the hell it is you kids watch these days.
whats the point in being a trainer if ur pokemon says yes to being captured then remakes 2 hours later
Either way, I don't care.
Also, judging by your insults, I can accurately guess you're still in middle school - Therefore I'm definitely older.
We're very sorry about this issue, it's been brought to our attention before and we used to have a system that only allowed a player to re-create once every two weeks. However, that became a huge issue because of bugs and the such where someone needed to remake and it was somewhat of a hassle to go around the system to allow them to re-create. I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say on this matter since Matt is handling the development but I do believe this issue is being taken care of for the next big update. Also, if you have any concerns please visit our forums we check that everyday while here we rarely check at all.
Ah yes, the typical, whining child.

As for your complaint on me, I have more important things to do than keep a constant eye on those who neglect to follow the rules. If I forget about you, tough cookies, you shouldn't have broken the rule in the first place. If you log out while muted, more tough crap, I can't unmute you when you're not around anymore.

As for your complaint on Mivo, what he does isn't half as bad as the spam we get on a normal basis from raging noobs. Sounds like you're just groping for any complaint you could think of.

I hope you realize your stupidity. Have a nice day.
you talkin about me cause you should make the fix the jail so that people cant use moves in there
hey when i clik create and then trainer/pokemon then yes it dosnt create what should i do :(
i have never played here before and cant even get started because i cant make a character when i click yes to make a pokemon nothing happens and it sucks cuz i want to play
this is original
Camerongray wrote:
this is original

It's only four years old, I'm sure we realize that it's original by now.
hey the owner can i be a gm
Wicked clown 4 life wrote:
hey the owner can i be a gm

Denied - You don't even know the owner, much less know proper grammar.
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