how do u even play this game anyway
The game itself is self-explanatory.
Can you un-ban me yet? I have been banned for over six months. I got banned because I was training and had to pee but I had a broken foot so it took me longer to get the bathroom.
unban me plz... atleast give me 1 day to show you i shouldnt be banned T-T
I just wanted to apologize i haven't checked if I'm banned but I won't bother you. I can't properly defend my actions and so i shall not ask for an un-ban.
demonic angelisem has abused mute because i was noting a cusser
dont play this game he muted me cause i didnt know there was a way to avoid mut e(i was only muted cause people hated me for joining so if you have a insult just #$%% off)
Typical comments...
@RareScar; I know, right? /:

@Jtfang; Demonic Angelism is a chatbot. Not an actual person.
To clarify on what Kumorii said, Demonic Angelism is not an Admin, GM, the Owner, etc. It is a hard-coded bot which is supposed to help us detect rule breakers while we are unavailable. If you got muted for swearing deal with it, it's your fault. As for all you people who are banned that's also your fault, I for one don't ban unless it's a pretty good reason and as far as I know neither does Matt, now if it's a Dream Daemon ban that is an issue so if you're banned through the host let me know and I'll figure out what it was for. Just send me an e-mail at my BYOND e-mail or comment on our forums or here I guess.
can any one with the authority please unban me because i have been banned for a year and i think the game is awsome and want to play it again.
This goes for anyone who comes on here to post about them being banned. If you want to be unbanned or be considered to be unbanned please go to our forums and fill out a ban appeal. Otherwise we won't take into consideration unbanning you.
i cant create a character
the game wont launch tho the server is up what should i do?
I enjoyed this game, but I stopped 'cause a lot of people mini-mod practically to the point of harassment and they wouldn't allow me to defend myself, and they weren't even mods. ):
i use to like the game still do but with new lvling system and no new pokemon being added its pretty much the same as most other game but i did enjoy this game back 1 year ago after it was started
ive never played this game befor but it looks fun :D.
first connect the internet
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