Naruto Dawn Of The Shinobi

by Louisthe10
Naruto Dawn Of The Shinobi
Fans , friends, im sorry but im discounting this. I want to only work on origonal projects from now on. im done with rips, only leaving the hub to serve as a reminder of my failures or successes i had here.

Naruto: Dawn Of The Shinobi

The Game is currently under reconstruction.



Staff is decided by Demon, No one ask for any position on the staff, or you can or will be banned, muted, ect.

  • Owner - Demon AKA Louisthe10

  • Co Owner - Heyblinx

  • Pixel Artist - Mastergamekiller || White Zetsu ||Open||Open

  • Programmers - Demon, AKA Louisthe10

  • Host - Demon

  • Back Up Host - None

  • Graphic Artist - Demon AKA Louisthe10



  • NO SPAMMING / FLOODING, You will be muted

  • No verbally harassing other players or admins. You shall be muted.

  • DO NOT EVER ask for admin or you will be muted.

  • Do not kill in SPAWN points. First Offense is a warning. The second offense is being Jailed. On the third offense YOU WILL BE BANNED for 12 hours.

  • Do not beg for your statistics to be boosted. YOU WILL BE MUTED.

  • Find a bug? Post it on our forums.
    If you are caught bug abusing YOU WILL BE BANNED.

  • If you impersonate an admin YOU WILL BE BANNED.

  • No AFK-Training. This includes using EZ MACROS or any third party program to help you while you are not at the keyboard. If you are caught, you will be banned on-sight.

  • No Relogging to avoid dying. The first time you are caught its a warning. The second time and beyond it's a 15 to 20 min in jail.

  • No Jail / Mute / Ban Avoiding, If you avoid any of these its an instant 24 hour ban (Minimum) / Perm Ban (MAX).

  • No rolling up on system admin, or owner, always ask a lower leveled GM first. (Possible Mute)


    -Staff Rules-

  • Respect other Staff members

  • Don't get carried away with your verbs

  • Don't abuse your verbs in any way.

  • Don't boot/ban players because you don't like them or your in a bad mood

  • Treat players the way you wish to be treated

  • Dont abuse announce

  • Obey those higher rank than you

  • Do not jail players for no reason

  • I`d also like to note that admin can not use edit because they don`t have it, only the owner and co owner does, because they are the only ones who will not edit there stats.

    -Game Progress-


    More Info Coming Soon!

    So far me (Demon) has been working on updates for awhile, finally I`m back in my groove working hard to release the update.

Awseome Game
can't wait till it comes back up see ya then
we are currently moving forward. updates still in progress.
hmm ill try to host the un updated version of this game as soon as i get my internet back up and contact me louise
still making progress!
whys the game down?
I like to give my new 800$ PC i built a break every so often, so at night when i go to sleep after coding like around 4 when no ones on i shut it off, i host because i got a fast PC and i can apply updates anytime i need to. there wont be any pwipes when i complete the updates, and when i finish the updates ill find a 24 7 host. but i don't want to shorten the life of my new expensive PC. so i give it a small break when i sleep but the server is up most of the day when most people are awake.
Louisthe10 you gotta get on skype i gotta tell you something
Why the game go down??
Is it updating