Come 'n get it -

Be sure to thank Shades for allowing it.
Did you modify Shadow Darke's mapmaker library? When you attempt to compile the source, you get 44 errors, all of which appear to be related to it.
Woah, there is tons of redundancy in there man and some nasty goto abuse in that battle system. That mob/CreateHUD() is one worse examples of non-robust coding I ever seen. I know you didn't program that game?!!
Hahaha, ouch. goto()? really?
I wasn't concerned much with robustness back then, nor did I know much about it. I was a procedural programmer with limited use of OOP back then.

You're exaggerating a bit, though. You're looking at a function that could only be improved a little bit with OOP, as opposed to all the code around it that could have been 20 times worse. There were some functions I didn't bother making robust while others I did to an extent.

You didn't have to "nay" my post, a lot of people enjoyed this game you know, regardless how badly it was programmed.
Damn, I hope I didn't modify his library. I don't think I have the modified version if I did.

If I did it was probably related to putting in jail-bar turfs next to jail-bar doors.
Kunark, I did not know how else to contact you except by this. I have a question about your ForumLib. How do you specify a certain browser control for it to use? What code would I use and where would I place it?
Also, Dungeon Diver has 70 errors. Running it without compiling it results in immediate crash.
Albro, it doesn't crash it deletes you because you're not in the beta testers list