by Acebloke
The next chapter
Wargames prices for extra features has been slashed for 2013! Now just $3 for Subscriber features including the Map & Scenario Editor!

Public Beta E (occasionally hosted) deals with:

Interface Improvements
Fleshing out of Eras already in game
opening up Dark and Middle Ages
Improving AI
Balancing of the game

With the current Public Beta E.d, the game contains:

61 Technologies
36 Units
15 Improvements
7 Ages
4 Government Types
5 Buildings

Also available is the Map and Scenario editor. Most features are blocked for non-subscribers:

http://www.byond.com/games/Acebloke/ Wargames2MapandScenarioCreator
I don't understand what to do. Needs help file. Also whenever I click out of the Tech tree it leads me somewhere random on the map. Confusing >.<
It'll need to wait a bit now (3am here, and I got work tomorrow), but I'll try and make the beta help file more helpful, and look into that tech tree issue.

Anything in particular that needs explaining?
What to do? Where's the current help file at?
It should display the link as you start the game. (The pop up is for map generation and options help).

The link for the Beta help is here:

I would be willing to host.
I have a 24/7 server going enjoy.
It needs reboot please
NPC system if fail.

They are 99% more stronger then you and might take your land at first turn
I really like this game. Just want someone to host it. xD
Needs an official server, this is really fun.
This latest update includes a blacked out map that you can explore.

Only problem is, its laggy as hell. I need to make improvements to this system to make it playable in multiplayer.
Yep, you gotta' fix the lag. It is damn annoying.
Great game, by the way.
Hey all Wargames 2 players, I might host the game here soon. Message me here soon, and if I get enough pms, I will host
Also are you trying to make a Civilization free edition? lol
More of a 4X in the Wargames theme :p

Good to see interest in it, apologies that WG1 gets the most of my time.
I concur, tis game needs more spark to the membrane to grow from a cocoon, to a butterfly. Spread wings, grow further, and make one game that surpasses the 2nd page of popularity.
Become The One.
Surpass The One
The truth is within you.
For those subscribed to Wargames 2 forum post, Jacob 843 is hosting Wargames 2 and we will try to keep it as a dedicated sever. byond:// JOin this Wargames 2 sever please?
Wargames 2 Server is now open permanently, hosted by Jacob 843 and co-host Mikeche