Poll: Which unlockable would you prefer to have in Murder Mansion?

Access to more maps and map options 27% (5)
Access to more game modes and mode options 66% (12)
Other (you know what to do) 5% (1)

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So, I've been thinking... I plan to offer the following two "unlockable" perks in Murder Mansion, each one to one of two groups of people, BYOND Members and MM subscribers (once I set up subscriptions):

1) More maps and map options:
This would allow the player selecting the map to have more maps to choose from, and also give them the ability to set certain options for whatever map they choose (like pick the weather, or add special weaponry, or turn off all the lights from the start, etc.)

2) More game modes and mode options:
This would allow the player starting the game to pick from more modes, and also give them the ability to set game mode options (as described in other posts; like selecting different variants on the DeathMatch mode, or setting Murder announcements on in Classic mode, etc.)

I plan to use this to help me decide which group gets what (Members vs. Subscribers), but I don't want an answer based on which one you think would be better for which group... I simply would like you to pick which one you'd personally rather have... Which one sounds like the better benefit?

Oh, and the "Other" option is just to mine for any ideas for perks that might be floating around out there that I haven't thought of... The only rule is that I don't want to add anything that would give anyone any in-game advantages... So nothing like "Subscribers deal more damage with attacks!" or "Memebers can walk faster!" Those sorts of things won't even be consdiered...
I believe Murder Mansion needs more game mode options, the maps are good for now really I think.
I feel that a Deathmatch mode would have a negative effect on the kind of feel we want the game to have. There is a game similiar to this called Mitadake High, and people tend to go crazy by randomly killing eachother. I just don't want that to happen to this game.

New game modes, great! Just don't add a Deathmatch. It'll just inspire bad sportsmanship.
Umm, well, the DeathMatch mode is already firmly

I don't think it'll ruin the feel of the game, though... If people want to play the usual Murder Mansion, then they just won't play DeathMatch mode ("Classic" mode is still there)