Rise Of Heroes

by Xerse
Rise Of Heroes
Rise of Heroes, the ultimate BYOND RPG. Battle hordes of monsters through caves, forests, and dungeons while exploring a vast world full of treasures!
Epicness detected :O!
Thanks Chaokai xD
What happened to regenerated server?
regenerated wont be hosted ever again. I lost the host files. And the creator supanova doesn't have the current source anymore so it wont be updated as well. Sorry everyone.
where is quicks server?!?!
I lost the host files for Quicks server lol sorry.
I wish someone would host a reliable 24/7 server. This is such a good game.
There's a version made by my friends based on RoH with bosses, missions and a storyline. http://www.byond.com/games/ManaProduction/TDG
I don't know if you like it or not but it complete and they working on a Kingdom Hearts game now..
Thank you I will check it out, although I'd still really like to play this one, and i know many others would too. Please someone think of hosting a dedicated server for this game.

When I first found BYOND this was like the first game I ever played on BYOND. Xerse is such a good game creator considering that he made a decant and fun game and I wish other people would continue his project of R.O.H
If anyone can manage to host this please contact me and i can send you a somewhat update version. I will not play on supers server due to badmouthing and mistreatment of his players. My source has the start of a new town a new spell seller along with a few new mobs and 5 new rares. If anyone is interested in hosting this u can also send me an email at Vincent_Einlanzer@yahoo.com
For all lovely players!

As we all know Vincent is a iconner, not even a great 1 though now he has a game up that even gets players, altough its more a entire bug then a game .... because he cant code properly i got banned from his server. my name Speciality :) Problem is i have always raised my hand to him. but now, im going to tell you the entire truth that VINCENT doesnt WANT you to know about SUPER, the reason is, Vincent is a homeless skilles fag, that can do no more then a bit of iconning, thats why he wanted super to code his game, altough super may not be the best coder vincent he sure is 1000x better then u. you only flame at him cause he doesnt have the same intention with the game that you have, super even told me that if you'd ask nicely he wouldve given you the .src . annyways im done with that 25+ year old homeless cheap ass fag :) all enjoy <3 Speciality.
Dx failed to connect ripper what are u doing

It's been like this since a few hours ago. Is everything alright?

hes working on his updates which caused lag in the game so he shut down the server to work on the game so dont worry it will be up when hes done
Ah, okay. I just know he's always hosted near religiously. Just wanted to make sure everything was alright.

Glad to know it is. Thanks! :)
Miss playing this! Great Game!
it will be back up soon maybe in a few days
well grats to u ppl ripper gave up on RoH he deleted his game since ppl only love the original :\ i see nothing special in the original its way to blah and yet i was looking forward to rippers new classes thanks alot ppl for crushing a coders dreams
why did he delete his game??? and also why r people so obsessed with the original, its sooo boring and old and not to mention buggy...
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