Rise Of Heroes

by Xerse
Rise Of Heroes
Rise of Heroes, the ultimate BYOND RPG. Battle hordes of monsters through caves, forests, and dungeons while exploring a vast world full of treasures!
I agree Snakeveemon his version was way more better then the original!
Ripper turned what was a FAIR game into a FUN game.

What's to become of this?
but the question here is y would anyone join a server thats the original when a real coder takes up his real life time to work on the game and its always in the original RoH server i say they are all friends of vincent and not random ppl u think someone was jealous after ripper was the only server up and running
I've played pretty much each version that's come out, I have to say I wasn't a big fan of the quest aspect ripper put in as it completely changed RoH, but it was not a bad game, neither was regenerated or ultimate, I will always be a fan of the original simply because, it started it all AnbuChris, I know you've been playing this just as long as I have whereas I have been playing it off and on for a very long time. I honestly don't think RoH will go away, since sometimes my off periods last a year or more, just keep playing or host if you want man. sad to see a dedicated server go, but hey. It's byond. It happens man. mucho love for all version of RoH, wish Phil would come back and do RoH 2.
Vincent if you see this then let me just tell you that IM BANNED FROM YOUR SERVER!!!! please tell me the reason it was a dream daemon ban btw
Why don't the macros in the game work?
Ripperman You SUCKK
get the darn game up
Tidus or anyone interested in hosting an updated version of the email me with the subject Byond. vincent_einlanzer@yahoo.com
How come this only has 4 towns? I swear there was one with more than 4 towns ._. ?????
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Are you talking about : a server with more then 4 towns?, Or when you download it to play for yourself there is more then 4 towns? OR you could be talking about Rise of Heroes Ultimate OR Rise of Heroes: Evolution.
No, just rise of heroes. There was a different version of ROH that someone hosted a long time ago that was regular ROH, but with different coding and it had more towns a better weapon and potion drop rate and a bit more enemies. I'm asking if anyone has that version of ROH because that one was really cool. Since you mentioned ROH:Ultimate I download the resources and I can't play the game for some reason when I click on the .dmb file. Also I tried to make another one and that didn't work either. Also when I was trying to see if there was more than 4 towns in the regular ROH I accidentally stumbled across a secret place in the well of every city, but every well in the city leads back to the same secret place. When you leave the secret place you come out of the area in the first town where the cave exit's are(on the the specifically). there are I think 5 area'sin the secret dungeon. I also notice when you get in the 5 room of the secret dungeon I noticed that there was a 6th room, but I can't get to it because there is was in the way. I tried to see if there was a invisible wall or anything, nothing worked. Then I went searching all through out the dungeon for a different cave and I can't. So there is just a 6th room I can't get to because of the mapping there is walls in the way.
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Ok so the different version your talking about could be 1 of 100, Alot of people have took the ROH source and made it with 4+ towns + wepons + spells, etc.
Roh Ultimate game files don't work for some reason, The src files you could download because he gave them out, They work if you want them here's the link or you could just go to roh ultimate scroll down and you'll see it.... http://www.mediafire.com/?0j13057344e3h60/////
Now the "secret place" is ( taken from the games description ) The newest version (7) contains both the added area Pandemonium, and a new unique shield, ExPeriEncE. ExPeriEncE can only be found in Pandemonium. The Mmbahfather can also be found in Pandemonium.
The area you got into is Pandemonium, you can get into this area only if your lvl 200+, You enter it by walking into anyone of the 4 wells, This area looks really like the beginner/noob cave, When you exit you get taken back to t1 right by the beginner cave.
Now the 6'th room is a secret room you can access while in Pandemonium or regular cave, It contains the mmbahfather( steel sword rare ) (BEST WEAPON IN DA GAME!!!) a invisible man will sell it to you for 5MILL, each mmbah has slightly different stats, some are better than others. How you get it is : go to lvl 2 of beginner cave: go left until you hit a wall, then just follow the wall until the wall ends at the far right, and then find a backwards pacman shape thingy, go into the mouth completely and press the up arrow, You should get transported into another area follow the path until you are in like a square 4x4 or something like that. walk around until you temporary bar says talk. Talk to the invisoman and have 5mill ready thats how much it costs for a mmbah. CONGRATS IF MY CONFUSING DIRECTIONS DON'T COMPLETELY SCREW YOU UP FINDING THIS AREA... CONGRATS IF YOU HAVE 5MILL AND IF YOU FOUND IT BY MY DIRECTIONS THEN YOU HAVE A MMBAH AND NOW YOUR UNBEATABLE!!!! btw my brother is hosting sometimes under the name of raygreg321 if you want to join you can.

I wonder ghpyellowman if u could also be talkin about roh remastered which was very similar to original roh but with improved coding, abilities for classes, and 2 new towns
Thanks Greggreg31 I'll try that in a minute and Snake I think you might be talking about the improved version ROH i'm trying to find.
Greggreg31 you said" go to lvl 2 of beginner cave: go left until you hit a wall, then just follow the wall until the wall ends at the far right" does that mean go in the actual beginner cave or the secret beginner cave also which room do I do that fallow the wall thing like do i have to be in the 1st,2nd,3rd,4th or 5th room in the cave. it was confusing how you typed it,but thanks for the info though. So are you saying that in the 5th room that place that i can't reach in the dungeon is the 6th room?
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It doesn't matter if you go to the actual beginner cave or the secret one located by going into the wells, you can get to the hidden area either way.
Go to the 2'nd room in the beginner cave or secret one,
Step to step to get there:
Go into the beginner cave,
Get to the next area of beginner cave (lvl 2 of the cave )
1. Go left 3 key strokes you should get a wall,
2.Down one time ( you should hit a wall again )
3.Go LEFT 4 times,
4.Down once,
5.Left 4 times,
6.Down 14 times.
7.Right 5 times ( you should hit a wall)
8.Up 3 times ( hit a wall again )
9.Right 6 times ( hit a wall again )
10.Down 3 times ( hit a wall ONCE AGAIN )
11.left 3 times
( you should be in likea dragons mouth/pacman/C shaped Now is the final step!!!
press the up arrow!!! you should be transported to another area,
Follow the area (no monsters)
if you follow the path completely there should be a 6x3 box shape your boxed into,
walk around there until your temporary bar pops up,
go to the temporary bar and click talk ( it costs 5 mill for the mmbah ) pay the dude and know you have a powerful wepon (you can't see the guys who sells you the mmbah )
So do I just find the "ExPeriEncE" shield by just getting a lucky drop?
Yes, ExPeRiEnCe Is a rare form of iron shield or gold shield ( i forget lol ) Just like auoura is the rare form of knife, Soar is the rare form of battleax etc.
Is anyone going to host soon?
@TheJokxification :
Would you want me to host?
I could host it pretty often, and update it often too.
Im sick right now so if i was to host it would be later on maybe in November.
Only problem is that RoH doesn't get enough players.

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