by Kunark
A 2D Drugwars strategy game experiment
* Warning: This game contains graphic content and may not be suitable for children under the age of 17. It contains drug trafficking economics, heavy 2D blood and gore, gang references, and violence against animals.

This was an experimental attempt at making one of my all-time favorite games, Drugwars, into 2D.

Although the economic gameplay was vastly underwhelming compared to Drugwars, partly due to the time and effort it takes just to get around places, I eventually automated that a bit and made the focal point of the game defeating rival gangs. There have been some crazy stories from players that have defeated The Craju and Hailey's Bastards, and overall it was pretty fun.

This game has a major learning curve and is mostly enjoyed by strategy game fans.

You can become friendly or become enemies with computer-controlled gangs which opens your path to new kinds of products and weaponry.

There are several computer gang factions for you to work with or destroy:

Stonecutters - Led by Brock Kerem
The Businessmen - Led by Frederick Kassage
Beloved Hell - Led by Gerand "Big Tess" Tessla
Dark Ambrosia - Led by Deep "Hell Needle" Osirus
God's Fist - Led by Larrel Buschev
The Craju - Led by Rasch "Voodoo" Lombardo
Hailey's Bastards - Led by Gustapo Hailey
It would be better if every NPC didn't drop every weapon.
Are you ready to meet your Fate?
Game's pretty amazing. Would be great if cops were added in, and more people played. xD
I seriously think this game should be released and Made just slightly more realistic in drops, but it has good game play, and also i like the fact plasma rifle makes you faster than the sports car :P
I'll put this hosteador already online in minutes