GOA Planner

by Ripiz
GOA Character Planner
when is it going to come out
Good Stuff
Very Nice!
Nice job very usful planner but can you fix numbers on skill tree
how do you even play all you do is click
This planner is pretty useful.
wen is it coming bak up
Thanks for your hardwork. :]
Mastermen112 wrote:
Thanks for your hardwork. :]

You're welcome.
fail rip!
Atriosv6 wrote:
fail rip!

Wow just wow.
Just don't question stupidity... It's infinity
is there a way to update it lyk add ur builds and get more builds? and u guys are as ignorant as possible it says goa planner and yall are asking to play it and say its a fail rip
This Planner will need to get updated after GOA has it's update.

Note: Regen stats are out a fair bit.
Are u gonna update afta th goa respec?if not I got a build and ima wing the moves:)go kasama
Remove this abomination off the internet.
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