Began work on a new mobs yesterday,with the idea of transitioning from cute harmless looking enemies to ones that look really menacing.Ended up with this creepy one. So, I thought to myself, you cant have an RPG without some undead mobs haha.

These type of skeletons basically ambush their prey once they get near to deal a critical blow. after they lose the element of surprise they're pretty easy to dispatch.

Their HP is lower than other mobs of this type.but they have the ability to deal a lot of damage. and of course they're weak to holy based spells.

I went about a relatively "new" animation technique called "sub-pixel animating" with this technique I animate using Anti aliasing to create the illusion that the sprite is moving less that one pixel. its mainly used for those subtle animations.

Ill try to update this thread with my progress.


this is the animation that plays when the skeleton springs up to ambush the player.
Its Amazing so Amazing the spring up animation he still looks somewhat cute instead of menacing though.
Very nice lol, I love the updated animation :O, though the flys around his head appear Very suddenly.
Yeah i have to add those the update version is two animations put together so they dont transition from one another very well.
What exactly is that pulsing on his shoulders, mouth, hips, etc?
its more of a subtle bounce than pulsing.shoulders go upward when you inhale. so that had a little influence
maybe make the actual rib cage look like its moving? because its kinda looks weird as it is =P
It is moving. but not enough to be noticeable at this resolution. 'Tis the whole point of sub pixel animating. So you can see exactly what I did i slowed the animation down.

ooooh okay lol sorry to be a bother xD
The collarbone bothers me a bit; It looks a bit too thick. I'm also a bit bothered by a lack of neck.
Other than that, good work :)
Thanks! I was under the impression that since theyre are no muscle that the neck wouldnt be visible,also i didnt think the neckbone would be visible at this perspective as it rest almost totally under the head. I could be wrong however, so ill go back and touch ups. (Y)
This looks amazing.
Yeah it's great! Btw what software you use for animations?
He looks like he is saying, "NOMNOMNOM!"

I like the raising animation alot. The idle seems a bit busy. I would probably save the flies for a zombie of ghoul with rotting flesh- this guy looks pretty meatless. The hips also look like they are pulsing and the effect on the shoulders is kind of odd. Maybe just have a little standing sway, like he isn't terribly steady? Very minor nit picks as it is perfectly good as is for a game sprite!
I use graphics gale for everything.(except fancy Photoshop effects)

@Jmurph: yeah, My intentions were to give all enemies some life without necessarily creating A LOT of work for myself and i think I succeeded. You, have a point with the flies, I have a tendency of over animating hehe.
Who else will be avoiding small flowers on the ground? *raises hand*
I just realized the skeleton doesn't have a "nose hole".

If you aren't looking for them they're pretty difficult to tell apart from regular flowers.
normally your art surprises me but this struck me as being rather bland and lacking atmosphere

the little flies/whatever around it are annoying to look at and it would do the skeleton wonders atmospherically if it appeared as if it was struggling to stand/had broken parts/whatever. like with a tilted head and limp arms or whatever

IDK, it just seems very uninspired and bland to me.

also, the animation looks very minor and kind of pointless, almost as if you only made it animated for the sake of it being animated or if you were just testing a new method. overall this piece has little to no character IMO
I have no room to talk but. Its not your best work and I really couldnt tell it was a skeleton at first maybe its just me.
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