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Welp. Hey, hey, hey! :D GUESS WHO?!
Isn't coming back?

Yeah. Me.
Not like you, or I care but, I noticed this small blue icon on my desktop.
Thought why not?
Also I had a strange sense of guilt struck upon me from good ol' Teka purchasing this and me leaving it in ruins.

Here to s(t)ay!
I noticed things have gotten...well..I don't know but they're changed is all I've got right now. Still saw "Feed" with no players, and DE's got Dead World up again. Cool.
Yut's got this game, Epic, up. I tried it today, but seems I was closed out pretty fast. Yut said he's livestreaming tomorrow, and I should check it out. Little known, I probably won't open this blue icon again for another few months.

As for me,
I've been doing nothing.


Unless you saw my desktop, it's plentiful of junk I've done in the past months.

Oh well, just posted this to say I was lurkin!
I'd rather not
lurk though.
Well then good bye for now and I hope your rapping-rhyming career hits off.