This guide is intended for Ubuntu 9.04 and wine-1.1.18

Step 1:: Download and save to your desktop:
Step 2: Go to your Desktop, right click 440.1018_byond.exe, select "Open with "Wine Windows Program Loader".
Step 3: Follow the installation wizard like a normal setup.
Step 4: To run the pager (or Dream Maker, Dream Daemon, etc.)

Go to Applications > WINE > Programs > BYOND

BYOND is now installed on your computer!
I just installed byond 441 via wine on my Sabayon distro.

It seems fully functional. I had to turn off the hardware graphics part in order to get graphical scaling working, but that was simple enough. It does seem slower than a standard windows install, but it's definitely fully functional.

Edit: Actually, I just noticed that bold text isn't bold. I haven't noticed any other issues.
For some reason the pager stopped working right. It starts up and is minimized to the tray, but I can't restore/(unminimize) it. It's frustrating because VirtualBox isn't working for me at the moment (freezes my usb mouse). I'll have to work on it.
Yes, I'm having the same problem. Everything works fine, but when the pager comes, and I sign in. The pager just freezes when it shows how many of my friends is online. What did I do wrong. I used Wine to install in. I'm on a Ubuntu OS, the Interpet one
Ok ,I got the pager thing fixed, but when I try to play a game, it just sit there. The game said interlizing interface, but it nevered loaded
Care to share how you fixed your pager issue?
I disabled the Hardware Graphics option and can now load into games just fine, but cant seem to get it above the frame rate of old people doin it.
if i download it says Error to open the file dreamaker.exe,byond.exe wtf is that..?
then there saying that skip this file or cancel it
I followed these instructions. When I login, Byond disappears. Apparently, it's running in the background, but I can't see it. Dream Daemon says I'm connected, but I can't do anything if Byond refuses to be seen. Does anyone have a solution for this?
I think you've got the same problem I came across. Unfortunately, I can't say I found a solution to get byond working with wine again.
I installed correctly but when I try to log on the BYOND window freezes and closes after 30 secs...
I'm still logged in though!
I tried reinstalling it too.
btw how do you disable hardware graphics and for how long? And how do you enable them back on again?
check the video to see my problem!
Am I missing some software?
please reply!
It crashes after showing the BYOND setup screen with the logo.... Then, nothing else...

Btw, how do I uninstall DreamDaemon? The Linux one?

Zone-blaze wrote:
It crashes after showing the BYOND setup screen with the logo.... Then, nothing else...

Btw, how do I uninstall DreamDaemon? The Linux one?


same issue here
except that for after a few minutes a screen comes up saying something like:
setup has encountered a serious problem and needs to close
a blue screen comes up, then it dissapears wdf?
What version of Linux have you got installed, homie?
how do i check?
o ok i found it

Im running 4.5.1
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