lol that is all
The server is 24/7. The problem is that when the server goes down, no one alerts me or Wanabe so he can get me so I can fix it, or so he can fix it, so the server stays down. I just went and put it up.

We're going to have to create some sort of system to alert me when the server's down.
its down.
can u unban me
Posted in forum as well..

server down 1/15/12 around 7-9pm
You'd have to have been banned for a reason. Do you think typing a message is going to be enough?
why is it the new feats there are, i cant get? am i glitched :( i have everyfeat at 3 or higher/ or maxed out, but i cant get the new feats still :(((
First Killer: No, you was banned for excessive TKing.
Second Smiles: The new feats being "Engineering" are subscriber only feats. Once you have sub then you can unlock them.
when will the not official server be up way more funner than the other
If you are referring to the test server, than it will be up when Wanabe hosts it. Pretty soon that server will become the official. Than after that you will more than likely want a new test server because this one will be too hard since you won't have infinite points.
hello guyz remember me
Hello wanabe, i was wondering if you can add a new section to these forums, a Guide making section would help a lot, so old players could help newbies.
Lol help newbies. But, hello wanaba juzz and gotrax. Been a minte since I saw yall.
I love the new feats. Lol. Best update.
Y'all need to a point a few admins. Things getting crazy. The spamming and shit is lagging server.
Juzz/Wananbe/Gotrax players are lagging server. Point help or make the auto mute better.
Server down. Please put in up.
Hey there. I've just asked the host to relaunch the game when hes next online. I've added +20 days to all subs to compensate for the long downtime. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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