Dragonball Darkness

by Dark-sann
Funny roleplay Db game
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1.do not kill at yamcha
2.do not spam kill
3.if some1 ask u to stop them stop
3.Do not chose Dark soul raim or dark(dark souls is for gms Dark is for me and Raim is for my friend)
4.Dont be racist
5.dont do yo mamma jokes
6.Only Rp names Like Kyabaku Shouten Raim Shuga Kurogari yaiba etc
7.dont kill without reason
8.always Rp your attack or kill(unless its spar)
9.do not use u ur etc in rp
10.whem you are rping(writing action in rp verb) just write something bewteen * in say
11.talk in brackers(''(''and '')'')if you are its oocly in say