I know that BYOND doesn't ban for creating RIPs...
Well, actually I don't know what BYOND bans for.
(When I say BYOND I mean any Moderator).

This guy, just advertised a website where he sells BYOND Sources! Is this legal? I mean... He comes to BYOND Forums, he advertises his website which offers "hosting services" and also sells "ripped sources".

Actually you have to be logged as an user for having permission to see the whole site, I guess he did it on purpose.

Anyway, is this legal? I know the RIPs are somehow legal, you can't create a HUB for it, or it isn't listed, anyway, this is too horrible! Advertising a site on BYOND Classified Ads where you sell some people sources without their permission! I've heard that Shinobi Story is open-source, but that doesn't mean you can download it, reupload it somewhere, and then sell the source claiming you're the Owner!

I'll leave some images...

1) BYOND Post: Here
2) The -Website- (Before logging in): Here
3) The -Website- (After logging in): Here

(Sorry for the images' quality)
I've been banned before , it doesn't take much.
Meh, I'm sure they'll do something about it but at the moment I don't think they are worried so much about rips if they did half of byond's games would be gone LOL!
All of the activities you just described are 'legal' in the sense that the law and the courts would probably laugh at you if you tried to seriously suggest a prosecution or legal action.

I assume by 'legal' you actually mean 'within the rules of the website?'
Yeah, you wouldn't get anywhere suggesting prosecution... but if you meant the site, you really wouldn't get anywhere either. Tom and the rest of the moderators don't ban for distributing "Ripped" source codes... for free or by purchase. I mean half the byond community would be banned if that was the case.
Hes a bad website maker it was made by dreamweaver he didnt even center the website
I see one of my game on that website O.o