This isn't really a bug, more like a feature request...but I think this should be in Bug Reports, because it seems like it's a behavior that should have always been in.

When you're in the patch notes, and you click "(More Info)", you only see fixes resolved under the Major version number. With this search, it doesn't acknowledge reports resolved with a minor version number attached, such as this report resolved in 494.1127.

It's just inconsistent, imo.
It's not inconsistent; we've always done bug reports this way. Fixes that only address something in a previous minor build don't go into the notes, because the notes are only relevant to the differences from the last major version.
It's not 'in the notes' that's the issue, it's when you link to the Resolved bugs from the version notes, it just ignores minor builds. If it's fixed, and you want 'MORE INFO' on the fixes, it doesn't show you anything relating to them.

Updating the actual release notes with minor fixes isn't the problem, it's that they aren't listed with the other fixes when you use the 'More Info' button, which uses the forum's search. I'm just assuming the forum's search doesn't pick them up.
Yeah, the forum's search does not pick them up. They're not that important though.
I'd like this put back in Features & marked Resolved, because, this was just added, apparently. forum/?forum=6&command=search&scope=local&text=resolved%3a49 6

It now shows minor versions too.