Well, I'm getting to the point where everything I wanted to accomplish for a new version has either been accomplished, or has been decided to be put off, or has been decided to drop altogether...

Which means that I'm virtually finished with the update!

There's still a big jumble of loose ends to tie up, and some polishing to do here and there, and I don't know how long that'll take, but the thing is basically ready for the public!

As per my usual, of course, it will likely be full of bugs that I didn't catch but that a good public beating will bring out (since I know how it's supposed to be handled, I always miss the gaps caused by "inappropriate" usage, but the players always find a way to break stuff), so for a little while after I release it, I'll be making furious bug fix "patch" releases...

So anyways, yep, the next version is almost ready, but I can't give an ETA better than "soon" (which might be weeks from
Great wprol!
Keep it going!