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The point of this post is to let people know (since I'm not a member only folks that follow me, so be sure to spread the word) that construction of the game is under way.

I've been playing with the files for a little bit here and there and found that I want to do a bit of reconstruction before I begin further progress on the game itself.

I have plenty of new ideas and plenty of old ones to build upon, but after a long unwanted absence from the game a few ideas have changed and some of my mechanics currently don't support them. As of yet there is no release date for any testing because I'm simply getting my ducks in a row, but there is constant progress and there should be plenty of updates in the near future.

Some of the graphics are being reworked, a handful of you may not really like the style but I enjoy them and once I get something I declare "pretty" to show off, I'll be sure to. That aspect may take a while however, since I have no way of actually hosting any of my files securely.

If I ever decide to get a membership (just got a new apartment so random spending's a little tight) I'll start hosting some files to share, until then you'll have to settle for these text-only beauties :)

Well look for a newer post in the near future, back to work for me!

<3 Ken
Haha Keep up the Good work
love you too babe <3