Okay so I have been doing some heavy work with jutsus lately on Origins.The games only two weeks old and is from scratch before anythings said.

So far I have it down to, each element beats their weaker opposite, like water>fire etc, unless the opponent has a lot more intelligence and elemental power.

For handheld jutsus that clash I am playing with two ideas, having the damage based on intelligence and elemental power is in for both, but when clashing I was wondering, would it be more entertaining for the player to hit an arrow combo that came up to exert x amount of chakra into the jutsu to increase the power or have the user just spam a macro like x 5 times to put more chakra in.

Also with each chakra exertion thats successful it would make a wind push back that would push anyone apart from the opposing two ninjas x steps away.

I was thinking to add a participation damage to so even if you win, you take a little bit of damage from fatigue of using the move and losing so much chakra in such a short amount of time.

Whats your ideas on this? and if you have your own idea please suggest it.
If it can be macroed, it's probably not a good idea.
jsut make it based off of power of jutsu and rank
I prefer the arrow combo. The whole spam idea is too generic, and tends to get bad results too. However, arrow combos can be bad if there is lag, so it may be wiser to just base it off some stats that are tied to the used jutsu; that way how well you've mastered the jutsu controls the outcome and keeps it more skill than stat based to an extent.