I'm just testing it using that rectangle in the above pictures. It's a 32x128 rectangle in a 128x128 icon. I specifically made the icon 128x128 instead of 32x128 to show off this issue as it can appear when you create things like trees, lightposts, or any other irregularly shaped object that might exceed the bounds of the world's icon width. It's an issue that can be worked around, but also one that isometric developers should be aware of.

After a limited bit of testing it appears that LummoxJR's suggestion of applying big icons as overlays does not result in this layering issue.
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An idea for some type of dungeon could be going into a subway station since its super dark players would need torches/flashlights which adds some suspense when searching down there.

Going into the city and having to search floor by floor of buildings.

Also another class could be some type of military class which could use explosives and medium ranged weapons.

Another thing you could add is human enemies. During the day you and your team would have to watch out more of looters. This kind of gives the player a challenge and makes them add strategy to the way they play. Should we all go out and look for supplies or should we leave some people behind to guard our small town?

Just spit balling ideas here, hope they help.
The list is by no means complete. I settled on three classes because it'd be a simple starting point. I like the lighting idea. I remember this game... scared the crap out of me because it was dark and all of a sudden, ZOMBIE YELL AND COME OUT FROM BEHIND ME LIKE A NINJA!

And I LOVE the looter idea!
Very nice list. I like the subway and looter idea as well, however I'd like to expand on that a little. I think a consequence of night time should be that it's so dark your vision isn't reduced but your ability to spot enemies is. Naturally, torches, flash lights, and perhaps even lamp posts would be your best bet for survival. You could even have hit rate on attacks be reduced in darkness, if you go that far into it on stats. This would prevent a group of people practically going rambo on the zombie invasions. Requires more strategy.

I'd also like to suggest the addition of cloth, and possibly fur. Cloth could be used for a number of things, I'm thinking clothing, rugs, maybe even back packs and so on. Fur, however, is for another idea; staying warm. Introducing warmth and cold could be an interesting twist, and would make having snowy areas be very interesting. Can't even go out during the day for long without the proper equipment, in such a location; much less at night.

Nights in general could be colder as well, but that's debatable. If night becomes tough to move around in, there should be some incentive to do so in fewer numbers, so that people have a reason to take risks and become more immersed in the game and fear for survival; but that's only if you like these ideas for making night different and tougher.
I wanted to keep complexity to a minimum to start off. However you did remind me of wool which I wanted to use as a component in medpacks.

Right now I want to force people to defend their homes at night. I fear that the experience gained at night could cause too much leveling up. If I remove exp from killing swarms, then the only incentive to defend is if you actually own a home (NPC safe house cannot be destroyed) which is good enough for me. I kind of wanted to use nighttime swarms as a "grind" for lower leveled players to gain some experience and test out new skills before trying to take on the dungeons.

Right now, I want to make the primary focus of the game A. Going into dungeons and B. defending your home.

But then I had an idea, cities. I could make all of the players online a part of one big city, and there should be mutual assistance in defending the place. But then I get concerned about "roles". I'm not in love with the idea of a person being restricted to a role. I always hated that when you played WoW, if you were a healer, your job was to sit back and heal. That's it. I don't like that. I'm trying to create a game where EVERYONE can enjoy the action of going into dungeons and we don't just take the medic and brawler out and leave the engineer at home to make defenses all day.

But I do love these ideas guys, gonna keep them in a file for latah. Keep em coming.
Understandable. I'm trying to keep my ideas in line with that, but naturally I'd understand if any of them were more of an add in an update type thing.

I think that is a good primary focus, though. I'm also against the idea of cities with locked in roles. I would prefer something like having some remnants of old cities being scattered around the world, and if you choose you can build a city there easier by repairing the remnants of old buildings, adding on to them, or building around them, and so on.

This would also give people a reason to not stay in the safe house as much, or to stay out at night and try to defend their hard work. Some people, of course, might also decide to build around the area surrounding the safe house which could be interesting as well.

Also, string, twine, rope, whatever you want to call it. Just remembered that, and it seems like something you might need for release. If not, it's likely worth adding later.

Oh. Before I forget, as far as experience goes I remember you saying that you would lose your resources so I recommend making it so that when you die you lose not only the resources, but your experience as well. Naturally, if you can get to your body you can regain some of it, but that's often not an easy thing to do in these types of games. It's a very love hate kind of feature that just seems to work somehow.
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