Only 25 friends in the My Friends list? I have more friends than that on Byond... It doesn't feel good leaving some people out. And I just noticed that the list is ranked, so you must also decide who your best friends are! Oh man, that is not far from impossible.

Well, another wee hours coming up, I better get to sleep, because we're moving to a new office tomorrow! I can hardly believe it, I have a company with my own office. It was just a dream a year ago, now it's real. Keep on dreaming everybody, and make sure you fulfill them!
You can either do them alphabetical, reverse-alphabetical, based on rate of sexual attractiveness, number of released games and demos on the hub - or do it like splatty does, and arrange them according to their length. Length of name, I'll add, before somebody reads something else into that. -_-

I'm impressed -- getting an office is a big step!
Congratulations on the office! =)
Cool, your own office! Now crush those servile peons beneath your mighty heel! You are now a full fledged capitalist Overlord! BWA HA HA HA!

heh. Does it have a window?
Congratulations Gazoot!

As for the friends list, I've just been adding whoever leaves me comments on my blog... though I'm just about out of space now. The next step: slash and burn, and replace all the old friends with new commenters, I guess! My blog's motto will be "What have you done for me lately?"
Well, if it makes you feel any better, I'm honored to be on the list, it doesn't matter where. I'll take the low rung, I don't mid. ;)

An office, sweet. I had one of those once... but, then again, I was living in mine....

I would be honoured to be on your fabulous friends list!

Bah, whatever. I don't care.
Wait. Scratch that. I changed my mind. Add me.
I can't believe you left your ol' buddy Sariat off the list! *gasp*
Yay! I'm your best friend!
put me on da list
I feel the same way, there's way to many people I consider to be friends. Maybe I should have some kind of a motto like Gug's.

Congratulations on the office!
You don't need to worry about it, Gazoot. I'm your best friend on BYOND, and you know it. Your friends list should be me, exclusively. Have fun in your office.
Gazooot! where are youuuuu?
digitalmouse wrote:
Gazooot! where are youuuuu?

He turned tail and ran after he realised he could never beat me in XO - Five in a Row. <.<

(So not a cunning strategy to have Gazoot challenge me to XO and a slight chance to see him mildly active around here after all the fun he'd have.)