So, as part of the polishing for MM, I've begun adding medals and scores... Check them out over at the MM hub page!

I've still got a few medals in mind... Some of them will just be for reaching certain milestones in the various points categories, some will be for certain feats in the game, and a few more will be some oddball awards (I wish we could set some of them to be hidden until earned, so there could be surprise medals, but perhaps that will come eventually, or maybe we already can and I'm just blind)

And on the skin side of things (the surface?) I've added a very rudimentary one (basically looks like the default, but in a black, white, and red color scheme, and it's missing the status bar, menus, etc.) Not sure where I want to go with it (if any further than that)

I guess it would make sense to rip the HUD off of client.screen, and emulate it via the skin, so I can further screw around with the screen layout... As it is, with MM's HUD design, I'm basically stuck dividing the main part of the window into map on one half, and text output on the other (just like the defualt, or opposite of the default) but if the screen objects were turned into skin elements, I could do something like map and text output stacked in the center, and control buttons arranged on the sides or something...

My problem with that course is that it would be a lot of work... Maybe for a later update...
nice, sounds kool.
I noticed the mass medals yesterday while looking at the hub.
I can't wait to start earning them.
It looks like it gonna be fun :D