Pokémon Online World

by Naokohiro
Pokémon Online World
Pokémon how it was meant to be.
In response to Righteous Shadow
Righteous Shadow wrote:
I have to agree with marco, the halloween event ruined the game for me. maybe you should actually test out systems like this before releasing it to the public for it to be exploited. I wish you luck on making the best decision to deal with ALL of the players that've abused it, because you can't let them get away with this.

I'm very sorry about this!
This was a big mistake I made.
I'll do what I can to prevent it from happening again, but I might not be able to fix the current damage.
Ok, so I didn't know if I should send a petty bug to the Byond bug report thing, so I'm telling you about it Nao right here. It appears that eggs in the game hatch immediately after trading...
In response to Amywong
There is no such thing as a "petty" bug.
You should use the BYOND bug report form.
Obviously because you'll make a more useful bug report, but also because everyone will know when it's been fixed, and that it's already been reported.
Wait, has it been reported yet?
In response to Amywong
I meant more that it would be, after you reported it.
Naoko will you ever update >.>
Lol I see xD

Jake stop hounding Nao about updating...and people who are doing it, just stop. Pestering for updates or raging about the lack of updates does nor get you updates. It only discourages Naoko. So please be patient, join the bandwagon, and wait.
from my experience with this game Naokohiro updates very little it often takes 3-12 months for a new update
he probably has a busy life etc etc
so no reason to really bash him if you enjoy the game play it if you don't enjoy the lack of updates go cry in a corner because you won't find another pokemon game on byond similar to this one that give you a social experience and a taste of true pokemon battling non mystery dungeon style but cannon style
Ahaha, great game. Although in the updates, I would like to know if my idea of Aqua/Magma classes would be in the game. You don't have to put them in though. Either way, it's great.
In response to Naokohiro
may i be a admin :D
Okay so, Every time i try and join this game it logs me in as a guest when i am clearly logged into the pager, And it's never done this before -.- It keeps kicking me out, Anyone know how to fix this? (Besides saying its a firewall issue) :L
In response to Hijak2k9
no you hijak! stop bitching :P
-.- and i need to be unmuted and bikermice you stop bitchin
Can u fix the underground cave with the pokemon center there because i can't get past her!!!!!
In response to Hazzadazza129
You're not suppose to get past Nurse Joy. She's blocking that part because the game's not finished.
Cap sets itself by year'. The cap will raise by 50000 each year.
come try this new server it has a fresh wipe no abuse, its a pvp with some rp no ranks have ben given out, there will be events ever 30 mis for a rank or skill of ur chose,
ok ;D
Dude,why the shit is this game freezing and i wait 10 hours and it still won't unfreeze when i walk into the grass and a wild pokemon comes out
xD fail!
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