Sitting, waiting, watching, wishing?

Wait no longer.

Survival: The Lost Era is on the horizon - in fact, it's already in public beta!

The sequel to the original life simulation on BYOND that has inspired countless recreations and similar games, the new Survival is fully redesigned from the ground up.

"Welcome to the game of survival. It is you and a array of various men and women all lost at sea on a group of uncharted islands. The game is to sustain yourself, shelter yourself, and establish your new and seemingly simple life. There is no government, no laws, and the value of honor is varies greatly from one individual to the next. You must go to whatever lengths you deem are necessary to get ahead in this shambles of a civilization. Stake your ground, hoard the resources, and follow your most basic survival instincts.

Wake up and smell the sweat, because you aren't in Kansas any more."

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Join us today!
Thank you! I thought you were gone forever.
Can we get colored lighting or our nights are blue-ish and our dawns and dusks are pinkish or orange?

Everytime I come onto this website (which is not often anymore) I always check to see if Survival is being hosted. Odds are it won't be. Now, I log on to find out you are going to host a complete remake of the game. :)
At first I enjoyed the original Survival, but after playing for the first week I really lost a lot of intrest.

The first game, was a huge grind fest. Worse then even your average pay to play MMO. Really the game was about nothing else but grinding, and the negatives greatly outweighed the positives.

I could spend all day grinding on gathering wood, only to try and construct one thing and loose almost every single ounce of wood I've gathered, simply because I failed too many times.

You'd think the difficulty scale would be a little more forgiving. I know that when I do a home project, like a bookcase, it takes a little more the a slip of the hand to destroy a complete working bookcase.

I hope you toned that down a little bit in the newest version, because this was a huge, big glaring flaw to me, that just made Survival not fun for me a lot sooner then it would have if it was just a little more forgiving.
The original Survival had innumerable game flaws.

It was my third game - lifetime. It was also a completely different game style than anything I did prior, and it was also a mostly original game that I had nothing to base off of as a reference copy - it was the original life sim on BYOND, and there haven't been any major commercial successes based on that genre. Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing are about the most comparable games.

The new Survival addresses the flaws from the old game - players start out with high probabilities to succeed in just about everything, and they can increase those further and specialize to a given task using skill focus, which increases as you use the skill.

In addition, things are much more forgiving - the death penalty is greatly lessened, and a death doesn't mean you lose everything that isn't in your house. In addition, crafting doesn't remove all the resources in cases of failure, instead only removing a small portion. You can swim now even without a boat, which prevents you from being stranded.

These are just a few of the new improvements that address old concerns - the game truly is remade from the ground up, an entirely new engine, barely any old code was even reused at ALL. The new Survival is an exciting new experience and I'm pleased to offer it to the BYOND community.

I thank the fans for their infinite dedication and patience - come join the beta...

...the next one is in 4 hours and 20 seconds!
I loved the concept of your original "Survival" game... it showed a tremendous amount of potential.

Best of luck!
dont stop hosting anymore plzz