Applies to:DM Language
Status: Redundant

This feature has already been implemented, or is already achievable with existing methods.
There should be a color variable that can be applied to atoms to accomplish the same effect as Blend(rgb(#,#,#)), without needing to pointlessly create, modify, and assign a new icon file to them.
I think this is a good companion to other requests that have focused on atom opacity or rotation. However I think it'd be worth asking if we'd want merely an additive operation, or a multiplicative operation as well, or a matrix approach like MapColor() which can do both (and more).

There are some inherent difficulties involved in doing per-atom color or transparency though. Mostly, this involves the need to allocate new sprites; I'm not sure that's as relevant to transparency. It'd have to be done on the fly and quickly, which would actually be a pretty big problem for games with high framerates.
I'd go with whatever DirectX can do for you, which I'd guess is multiplicative.
LordAndrew resolved issue (Redundant)