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How fast can you type the alphabet? My best is 2.391! Beat that!

God, this game gets so addictive. :P

[edit] - Update! My new record is 1.969

[edit 2] - Another update! My new record is 1.64 :D fingerfrenzy.PNG

[edit 3] - Last edit, I swear! My new record is now 1.454. I doubt you will believe me though. :'(

[edit 4] - I'll keep editing when I beat my record. It's now 1.422.

[edit 5] - 1.406
I'm number 40 in the top list ;)
Even though I kind of doubt you tied it, since that would take a miricle for it to be a coincidence, it doesn't matter much. I already beat my old score. Try to beat 1.75!
i cant get past 4
my best is 2.5 something. This had me going for hours. I kept screwing up on the letter T, and eventually I got bored of it.
Pfft, try to beat 12.4 >_>