So, Murder Mansion is getting even closer to release!

At this moment, aside from doing some last-minute testing, all I have left on my list is to finish one more map (it's a secret, but here's a hint):

I want to run through a complete round of each mode/mode variant, using each map at least once, just to see if everything runs smoothly, and that the AI are capable of finishing each type of round, and that each map is capable of supporting fully played rounds...

Then, coinciding with the release, I plan to make a series of "Murder Mansion Manual" posts... These will go over various aspects of the game, including posts dedicated to each of the maps (including plenty of screenshots), posts outlining gameplay mechanics (especially where things have changed from the existing game), and posts outlining the different modes and their variants (though some of these have already been explained)
I knew I should have run it through another filter or

Adding it worries me a bit about copyright infringement, but it's included in the free content of the game (IE you don't have to be a BYOND Member or an MM subscriber to access it), so the worst that I assume I can expect is a removal order (if Hasbro ever finds out or cares)

Since the game has BYOND Member perks, my main worry is that some backlash could fall on BYOND itself, but since the map is not part of the content exclusive to BYOND Members (Members get access to setting game mode options), I think things are more or less safe on that front (again, I'm not really expecting anything to ever happen; this should fly well under the radar, or if actually detected, it should fly well under the threshold for taking action)

I've even taken the step of adding in a copyright disclaimer to the game in the map's description (when picking a map, a small intro blurb is displayed in the text output box, kind of like the original game's intro, but one per map; and one per mode) to further push off any potential heat...

So yeah, there's going to be a map that emulates the Clue(do) board!
Possibly irrelevant to this post's contents(Even though I am patiently waiting), I just wanted to state that I love your medal images.
You made a mexican hut resort map?
Looking forward to it!
Man i wanna play it so badly :(