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So apparently, BYOND has a referral feature allowing players to earn money if someone decides to stay after playing a game.

Efencea would be a great game to use as bait, since it's cool-looking, single/multi-player, and pretty darn fun.

For more information, visit the Efencea's referral page.

Stick that thing in your blogs, websites, profiles, pages, HUBs, E-mails, wherever a possible player might see it. [:

You can also winch out the image the link uses and replace it with whatever you see fit. we have a Media Section with loads of pretty pictures.
The single player version of Efencea is extremely user-unfriendly at the current moment. I don't think using it to bait non-BYONDers is a good idea until it gets fixed up.
Yeah, help files need updating (with question mark buttons preferably) and there really needs to be more maps, and probably some more variation in the AI.
I got into the habit of using the invite parameter in all of my BYOND links when I started posting outside versions of Tech Tree. Perhaps I should start using images, but I'm not sure how to avoid distortion in IGN's script.