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pacman rpg

I threw this together over the course of about a week. It's really basic but I guess there's gameplay? Maybe? You can win at it if you get all the green things.

Download it here!

Looking to get some suggestions* and criticisms on it.

The graphics are just placeholders so please don't suggest I get better ones! :P
The instant I saw this I thought of the Three Hundred Game Mechanics entry on a "Pellet Quest".
Really cool little game, I like it. I guess what would make it really interesting is if you put in enemies that act like ghosts. Other than that, just make more!
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The Three Hundred Game Mechanics entry is my inspiration for this, yes. It seems like a really neat idea.

And thanks! I'm trying to think of more things to add in the way of traps, though monsters are also a thing I hope to add soon.
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I don't know much about this as I haven't had time to check the link or play the game, but might I suggest making it so there are up to at least 5-10 levels, and rather than simply changing the layout like pac-man you add various power ups and enemies to make it more interesting?

One level might have a 3 second speed increase power up, another lets you kill any enemy you hit, another lets you become invisible to enemies. That type of simple thing. Monsters is just a matter of changing their movement pattern, or increasing their attack range, etc, so they're tougher to dodge.
Puush thinks your game is p. fun.

However I do not. 2/10 see me after class
i riek dis
Whoa! This concept is amazing...
Though, theoretically, this sort of idea has been thought of before, just not as dramatically. (i.e. Coins in Mario.)