by F0lak
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Forges and Ovens didn't light properly.
BYOND Version:494
Operating System:Windows 7 Home Basic
Web Browser:Firefox 11.0
Applies to:Dream Daemon
Status: Resolved (6001)

This issue has been resolved.
I don't know of this directly, but a seperate topic hasn't been made of it, and everyone's been upset about it so I'm making a topic about it while i'm here. Sorry for the lack of information, someone else may wish to reply to the topic to clarify, but it seems like a simple enough bug.
I login often to see if this is fixed. I can't really enjoy the game without it
Kaiochao resolved issue with message:
Forges and Ovens didn't light properly.
They did. They required you to use tongs. I should document these changes...
In response to F0lak
You forgot to provide src as the lighter for forges and ovens.