Beyblade Online: Extreme

by Valtik
Beyblade Online: Extreme
A unique action-RPG loosely based on the Beyblade series. *****Version 6.6 is now complete. BBOX now features rebalanced gameplay, new maps, new minigames, and 24/7 professional hosting (No more pwipes! EVER!)***** We are 500 players strong and growing!
I have been quite impressed with the turnout the game has gotten since I brought it back last week. Its been up for 1 week now and has had AMAZING results. from monday to friday we had about 224 unique visitors to the game. from Saturday to sunday that number more than doubled to 511 unique(active players) Keep up the good work and lets keep growing stronger guys!

Note: Looking for a pixel-artist

BBO:X is an action-rpg game based on the Beyblade anime series.

It features:

-A unique,action based battle system.
-Complete control over your character's development.
-Customizing your beyblade.
-1v1,2v2 PvP and Free PvP battles!
-Quests and Bosses.
-Bit Beasts.


Development Team:
Chris_110872 (Programming/Conceptual design/Mapping)

RIP Valtik(Interfacing/Mapping/Programming). Your expertise which made this project come together from the get go will be missed. Good luck with your life!

Special thanks to all the people that helped with the closed beta testing!

And a big thanks to Chris for helping me with developing and testing the game.
BBO:X wouldn't be released if he wasn't around!

Have fun!
THIS GAME ROCKS!! by far one of the best i've played on byond. If it were hosted more often thtd be great :D!
This game is awsome when is it comming back
Very unique and original, I like this game its very fun.
Looks cool
Not A Bad Game :D
Well do keep in mind guys that 3.2 is the one being hosted right now. 6.1 is the current version, so expect things to be more interesting soon!
I heard the update for 6.1 is today, im looking forward to it,I just hope its soon, also something that should be fixed,I saved in the afk lounge and I cant get out XD,so I need a GM online, or im just kinda waiting on the update,anyways I just hope its sweet.
there is a solution to that in the newer version :P
Ok thats good,Thanks Chris, and do you know if it will be updated today?I kinda wana play but I cant because im stuck in the AFK lounge still and I havent been teleported out XD.
hopefully. theres a bunch of stuff i still wanna do to try to make the content last longer
Ok, well if I may ask, if its done today, what time do you think it will be around?
can someone send a link to update my dream seeker
people please get on im lonely here
im on right now bro get on
im hosting now join
hey there, i'd like to host this game from now on, i've taken a liking to this game and i hope everyone will like it too.
cant wait for this game to come up again. the only annoying thing is you have to start over each server but its a pretty easy and fun game
Yeah. I'm sad that i have to start over each server even when i had save the game. And the highest level is only 31 and the journey ended at city 1.
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