Beyblade Online: Extreme

by Valtik
Beyblade Online: Extreme
A unique action-RPG loosely based on the Beyblade series. *****Version 6.6 is now complete. BBOX now features rebalanced gameplay, new maps, new minigames, and 24/7 professional hosting (No more pwipes! EVER!)***** We are 500 players strong and growing!
im hosting not 24/7 but it will be on long but i live in netherlands,but im trying to host every time im clear from school so hope enjoy
i host 24 hours a day
BBOX is OFFICALLY going to be recontinued. By the end of this week players will be able to experience version 6.1 including a new map, new mini games, rebalanced gameplay, and 24/7 professional hosting. There will be no such thing as pwipes after the new server goes up :D Spread the word to your friends and lets make this game flourish with players like it used to!
That would would be great :D
version 6.3 confuses me a lot and theres nothing much to do e.e old version was better for me :/
Considering it has all the old stuff with extras, thats kinda impossible
why the game is out?
Awesome and fun.
Ashley and Everyone Else Town 3 Has Been Officially Opened to the Public so if you completed all of Town 1 And Town 2 Challenges and believe your ready for the challenge ahead walk to the mini puzzle to the the guys guarding the tunnel and have fun from there on =P
Ok What do yall think about this for a Tournament idea maximum of 10 ppl can join and theres 10 roads of stairs that you have to go up from NPCs from 10-30 or something and they all link together in the end and the fights between each other begin and it will be 1v1's so the other people can watch and if people cant make it all the way to the top they fight eachother to see who fight the champions(The ones who made it to the top without a doubt) or something like that kind of a rough idea but Aye be an amazing Quest and any lvl can join so it doesn't exclude anyone who is brave enough
can someone say the combination of the four days to the beyblader guy?
When's the game coming back up?
Its cool and stuff Can I have the host files
I Hope this game will be up soon i been waiting everyday for it constantley checking if it's online.
Can you guys bring the game back up
I'd love to see this brought back
i would be happy to host the game for everybody if i had the host files. and if i could get the permission from the owner i would happily continue the development of the game as well. if theowner or sombody is alright with me hosting and would give me the host files me email is if you would like to email them to me.
I'd love to play this, bring it back if possible!
Summer '13 guys ;D
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It would be nice if u send this link to u friends, put it on u game etc...
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