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Poll: Who would win. (No modes meaning avatar mode,sage.kyuubi etc

Aang 46% (22)
Naruto 53% (25)

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Aang could do rakiri and kirin and he could learn blood bending from katara and metal bending from toph.
naruto has resengan resenshuriken frog summons and he can make a million clones not to mention he can do like a million giant resengan
Aang can make rasengans.

And blow away clones.
Naruto uses the wind while Aang CONTROLS the wind.

Really not much of a contest, besides shadow clones to outnumber him, Aang could take Naruto.
In response to Ichirou27x
Naruto's Rasenshuriken is wind based meaning Aang could also prob do that or dispel it, fire bending would rape the clones and Aang is pretty stong too.
naruto still has resenshuriken and giant resengan also his toad summons
Appa would whoop the toad :) lol
In response to ImmeasurableHate
He would do that water Octopus and finger Naruto
appa is ugly and usless the toads can hold weapons and use water and crap
Aang can control water also and prob faster then the toads.
Aang could also prob drown Naruto so that would be an insta win.

Edit: Not to mention burn Naruto's hand making him unable to do seals to create jutsus
naruto could make a bunch of resengan under water making a whirlpool like he did in one of the fillers
naruto doesnt have to go into 9tails mode to have epic healing
Aang could make acid rain killing all teh clones
and naruto isnt stupid he could just dodge and use stuff like smoke bombs and paper bombs to distract him sure aang could blow away the smoke but by then naruto would have thrown a resenshuriken
acid rain >_>
truth is this battle would never happen because they are in different realities
Nah Avatar Shippuden and Naruto the last Airbender
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