Math Helper

by Revojake
Math Helper
Find the volume, circumference, add, subtract, multiply, and more!
Well, this was made just to help with basic/moderate math...
Version 1.0
-- Adds
-- Subtracts
-- Multiplys
Version 1.6
-- Divides
Version 2.0
-- Find Circumference of a Circle!
-- Removed a few bugs
Version 3.0
-- You can say stuff now....
Version 3.7
-- You can find the square root of stuff!
Version 4.0
-- You can find the volume of 5 different figures!
Version 4.5
-- You can get the area of 7 different figures!
Version 4.7
-- Fixed a few bugs; added pictures for some figures.

Hub is now Tibby friendly. Now he can do math to!