HUD Groups

by Forum_account
An easy way to manage screen objects.
I was thinking of making an application (in DM, because I don't know enough of anything else) that would allow designing HUDs graphically. I'm not motivated enough to go through with it, but what I was planning to do is recreate DM's skin editor using Mouse Position to draw on the controls from the interface HUDs.
I thought about doing something similar (I had originally thought about making a new interface editor in HTML/JavaScript for .dmf files when I made the Interface library), but I think that HUD interfaces will be simple enough that it's easiest to create them using code. Complex interfaces, ones with lots of elements, tend to have patterns. If you wanted to have a 5x5 grid of screen objects it's easier to do this:

for(var/i = 0 to 4)
for(var/j = 0 to 4)
add(i * 32, j * 32, icon_state = "cell")

Than it'd be to create them in a GUI editor (and make them all line up).