by Yut Put
Explore epic dungeons and slay epic foes with your friends in a huge, epic fantasy action RPG world.
welp, i guess i may as well start loggin' it up wif ma changelog.

this kinda includes some 0.7 patch stuff

-first clockwerk dungeon:
mage cloack
cog armor
steam blade
cog shield
gear gear
arachnid hide
spider fang
steam bow
time staff

darkness spell
time wave spell

this guy:

-must be a fan of the game to play side dungeons
-call to the past is less raeggg

-summons throwing you on walls
-ai walking on each other
-arrows hitting friendlies
-timeshatter bugs

I like "this guy". He looks unique :)
i drew him on the livestream, he's called the Clock Reaper. unfortunately the perspective is wrong because its supposed to be topdowny but idc. he's the boss of The Time Engine, the first Clockwerk dungeon
It still looks nice & creative , You did amazing ^^ , I envy your skills.
*Clockwork :<
its... stylized spelling

same reason Huzza and Gallax are funky renamings of words
Oh, well dayum then.
Imagination is key! :D
New zone: Imagenashun
Then do Laserdog's Raeml.
....adding a new side dungeon

Added new side dungeon, fixed secret easter egg town(yup there's a secret easter egg town), added Octagon Armor(100 defense, 0 mage, 0 speedboost, 50 gold), added Laserdog Theme music to the resources

and yes, those were taken from sweet hex and hellagon by laserdog and we are using his theme music in the game. I actually drew those octagons for him, so i'm not stealing any art ;D
added mudkipz summon and wire greatsword
this guy looks cool dude
Wow. Epic is epic. xD

added this...guy. the necrospawn gallbeast.

and lots of other stuff for the second dungeon in clockwerk.

-time pulse spell
-spear trap spell

-necrospawn armor
-necrospawn robes
-tainted time teller gear

-time bow
-advanced steam gear
In response to Vrocaan
I think Laserdog should have a full on series of dungeons. With him as the final boss.
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