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Or Killzone 2? Or just PS3 in general?

You can add me as a friend, my PSN ID is Kurai_Norai

[Just a note for myself: Make a Pikachu enemyin LBP, it's gonna be a shocker! :D]
I will add you indeed =) Good to have another BYONDer to play Killzone 2 with =)
I have LBP, I'll add you when I get home. I need a full group to get 100% of the extras in the story, but if you don't have a good group, it can be like nails on a chalk board.
I do, both. LegendaryGoku10 is my psn.
kk, see you all around Saturday (don't have the PS3 where I go to university, I'll be on it this weekend when I head back home :o)
I think mine is Jeff8500, but just know that I have no good games, nor can I afford to buy one at the moment (well, I can afford it, but I want something else more than a couple games).
I do too, Mines XxMysterio619xX.

But no LPB, but i have killzone 2 =)
I can't duel in the custom card beta on PKMNTCG
I hear its coming out for PS3
are you still around?
Trosh Kubyo wrote:
I hear its coming out for PS3

what is? You mean LBP? That IS on the PS3 did u mean PSP?
I rented it