The champ is here. launch-schedule?utm_source=tera=launcher=gumball=launch-sche dule

Download it. Sit through the 3 hour patch ( don't worry, it's worth it I'm sure ). Log in at 12:00 PM and be amazed. If you're still confused as to whether you should try TERA Online or not, watch this video and try to think of an MMO with better looking combat.
Seems like the usual click attack and grind game :/ whats different?
ET, will we sex on it if I join???/? plz answr
Ya but you have to pick a girl character and at the customization screen, make sure you make the boobs as large as possible.
i love u empirez sama sensei senpai sama sensei san kun
Yeah, the game looks very good, but I don't think I will be able to play with my weak graphics card.
Gosh I love this game. Level 20+ giant mobs in the celestial hills: SO MUCH FUN