A long, long time ago, I stumbled upon Joel on Software, where Joel Spolsky blogs about things of relevance to techy programmer peoples like myself. I haven't followed every post thoroughly, but today I decided to follow my e-mail (I subscribed to get e-mails of updates to the blog), and came to Joel's Stack Overflow DevDays post. Now, I hadn't known about Stack Overflow before, but after some exploring, I'm already in love with the site.

If you're a programmer, odds are at some point you've hit some kind of snag. Here's a community where, regardless of your language, problem, or whatever, you can post and likely receive instant feedback (I got 5 responses basically within the hour of the post on my C++ question!).

Now, this community isn't exactly geared towards BYOND, but as it is independent of language specifics, I imagine you could simply use "byond" as a tag when you post your question, and it'd be easy enough for other BYOND users to find the question. This may not be useful without a large BYOND following on that site, but if you program in other languages (C++, Java, whatever), you'll find a rather large community of users there willing and able to cater to your problems. And you can of course always provide help in return. :]
Yeah, I've gotten some really good info off of there. If I remember correctly it was on language agnostic stuff like design patterns.