So, as you've probably already been notified, I've finally put the new version of Murder Mansion up for download!

I'm not entirely sure that it's ready, but I'm at the point where I can't stand the wait myself, and I'm not entirely sure what else needs to be done (if anything for now), so I've placed it in the capable hands of the playing public to expose any potential holes that need to be patched up...

What happens now? Well, for a while (until I'm satisfied that it's stable enough) I'll be watching for bug reports, suggestions, criticism, etc. and making the necessary "patch" updates...

After that, I've got some other obligations to take care of (need to get cranking on Tiberath's Isorath mapping, which has not yet received the attention it deserves), and perhaps I'll work on tweaking some of my other small projects (SkyWurm, High Seas, and I want to turn that old Pizza-Making demo "game" from an old contest into a better game) and then I'll come to a decision:

1) There's still plenty of content I want to add to Murder Mansion... I've got 1 or 2 more modes outlined, and a half dozen more maps on my list... Most of this new content will be subscriber-only (so I have to add a decent enough chunk of stuff to warrant buying a subscription, and then set up MM subscriptions)

2) DBTC is in dire need of attention... I looked at it a little while ago, and I was struck by just how bad it really is (or, rather, how much better it should be... I guess it's not really "bad", just not up to my current standards) Most of the work there, though, will be cosmetic and re-programming... I don't really have much in mind to add in terms of content...

So when this step comes, I'm going to have to decide between my two

But anyways, I hope everyone enjoys the new and improved Murder Mansion!
One word: YES!
Tom Burdon (ANiChowy) has turned Autopilot on...

Tom Burdon says: "Die!"

Tom Burdon was beaten with a Shovel!

Tom Burdon has died!

Tom Burdon has died in the Hall!

Anyone can select the map, leading to bugs(i.e You can't start the game because multiple people selected the map)....and sometimes the admin panel refuses to show up even after you select the map.
I'll Give it up for Grabs
And Test it out =D
Now give DBTC some attention, it's your most neglected child.
Already found a bug. Ghosts can grab the stuff in Escape
@ ANiChowy:

I forgot to add in the line that prevented multiple people from selecting a map (it's also a line that enables the game to hand out points for "Hosted Games", which is why no one has a score for that category)

Thanks for the heads up!

@ Goku:

You seem to be doing well! You knocked me off of the top

@ TNN:

Technically, I've got a couple of other children that are even more neglected than my oldest...

Plus, I've agreed to do some babysitting...

So currently, though it needs it badly, DBTC isn't getting any of my attention... I do intend to bring it up to current standards, though when I'll get to that, I have no idea...

@ Boredone:

Thanks, I'll look into why... I suspect at the moment that it has something to do with the player respawn system (modes other than Classic are supposed to respawn players when they're killed, so maybe they're being respawned without having their icon changed back or something like that)
There seems to be 2 classic win medal sections on the Standings, I have a unique medal!
Another bug-Votes don't open up any window, or something, as it assumes EVERYONE said yes.
@ ANiChowy:

Actually, the list on the right side of the standings page shows the last few medals received according to the time and date that they were won, so if someone gets one in the morning, and then someone else gets the same one later, they both show up in the list... If you click the medal, it switches the view to only show a list of people who have gotten that particular medal, and you're all lumped together...

@ Boredone:

The person who started the vote doesn't get a pop-up (obviously, their vote is automatically a Yes), and all AI players automatically voted "Yes" as well (though I've just changed that for the bug fix version I just put up), if other human players aren't getting the pop-up, then that's definitely a bug...
I've just put up a "patch" to fix some of the bugs reported, and to add some functionality that was suggested...

Keep hammering away, guys!
Make the AI not count, and NO ONE gets a window.

And now instead of always getting it through, we never get it through.

Nice job fixing clue though!
There, how about now? (it makes the vote starter cast a vote also, but I'll fix that later)