(See the best response by DarkCampainger.)
Could anyone show me a technique that may be used to create a turf in a certain location without deleting other turfs in that same location at runtime? Effectively stacking them atop one another.
Does simply creating a turf and setting its coordinates work? If not, I'd have to suggest that you can only have one turf in one space.
Best response
Only one turf can exist at any given location. In the map editor, when you stack turfs, the lower turfs are added as underlays to the top-most turf.

If you want that same effect, copy the turf's underlays list, add an image to the list representing the current turf, create your new turf, and set its underlays list to that list.
If you only want it to look like there are multiple turfs in one area, do what DarkCampainger said. Otherwise, use objs instead of turfs.