Naruto The New Region

by Benjamin234
Naruto The New Region
New Game
Kabutomaru,Edo Tensei,Phaseing Mangekyou,EdoTensei(Robe),Danzo Izanagi,Danzo (Clothing) All added in enjoy.
honkeys...make u own game...
WTF??? This is copy of Naruto Memories Of The Soul,rules all from Naruto Memories Of The Soul...
i didnt feal like typeing in anything and some of them not some i agree with
I feel like im epic :P dont you think so too? :D
er i made the grass look blocky @.@
Looks realy nice, cant wait to play it :) If need help with host 24/7 mail me
megamangeo y u no host this now D:
ah man not up :O
i deleted my host files for this on accident i think t.t
again off? never on ... when he have so many people to play