Applies to:Dream Seeker
Status: Open

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Graphic Stretching:
Normal Image
Hardware Mode
Software Mode

As shown in those screenshots:
When Hardware mode stretches graphics, it essentially just completely chops out lines to make room. When stretching to a larger size, it basically just duplicates random lines, which looks just as awkward. On smaller text, this can often make things completely unreadable.

Software mode, on the other hand, has a very smooth (slightly blurry) resizing effect, which almost looks better than the graphics without stretching in some cases in my opinion. In Software mode, even small text always remains easily readable.

Is there any way Software mode's effect could be used in Hardware mode instead of the current method?
Also, though that mostly mentions text, this applies to icons/graphics in general. Hardware mode's stretching could leave you with characters that are missing an eye on half of their face, or who have one eye twice as wide as the other. It would most likely cut both horizontal and vertical lines from them (so they might lose their mouth too).

If you were to take a simple sprite from Zelda, for example, you could end up with results like this:

Normal image, scaled down, scaled up

This also causes wonky looking effects during movement, since the lines cut from the screen are presumably always in the same place, while the graphics are not, making it look like things are awkwardly morphing shapes.
The aliasing is somewhat dependent on your graphics card (in HW mode, on one of my machines it looks great but on the other awful-- with the better one being the far cheaper card). Still, there are some settings in DX to tune this; I didn't have much success when I last played with them but I'll give it another look.