I haven't posted in a while so I figured it was time. For all of you that know me from DMO, expect some new projects and releases in the future! I won't give any of the secrets away, but I think that there will be many fans from other parts of the Byond community that will get some enjoyment out of the new stuff as well.

On another note, I may hold another Event Tournament in DMO sometime in the near future. It will not be pre-announced and will most likely be more of a spur of the moment decision for when I feel like holding one. For those of you that do not know what an Event Tournament is, it is a tournament that I do every now and then where there are various prizes for placing in the top 4. Depending on the type of tournament I hold, the main prize is a bit different. Winning an Event Tournament is a good way to get some bragging rights! I look forward to seeing you there!

New releases and projects? For what?
....... Maybe in these days of the future DDMO can be hosted? ever since I played it ... DMO tends to be boring
:( Don't host the event tournament during my CTB tests :,(
hmm I have never posted on one of these. Yay event tournys lol. And I'm with N3sso projects for what :)
Sounds good Lufia, I haven't seen you around lately, I wanted to tell you merry christmas, and more recently happy new year Lufia.
Would one of these new releases be called something like 'Lufia Online'? A online version of that game would be quite interesting.
Lufia i have a question When you mean,Evnet do you mean rated tourneys and tell me 1 example of a prize to bget in teh best 4
when is da next event tourny? i Really wanna see how good i Get My Game
why does it say i was banned to host this server
hey ive been playing your games for quite awhile and i want to be a host id be great your games right now are the only games i play i am planning on becoming a member soon but my friend can help me with that answer thanks!
Just curious..why is dmo's forum down?
Excellent i c my self placing. However whats the deal with the server being on and off. I feel that the game needs a few modifications but I also feel that maybe dmo can be online for a minimum of 6 hrs then the rest of the time u can use 2 update it...iono just a suggestion.
yes hello lufia
i was recently banned by aeris and would call it abuse
you see what happened was that my friend was telling me how he was banned
so i asked her if she could unban him
i wasnt spamming it or anything
i just pmed her it once
and after a minute or two
i was banned
can u please help me?
Ok... I am tired of being banned by Aeris she is really taking all of the fun out of DMO If she is to continue to be out of controll with her mod powers which she shouldn't have in the first place then there will be no reason to ban me I will just be done playing dmo altogether just like lots of others have discontinured playing dmo... Yesterday I was muted after virtually no warning because I was playing with my freind crusher and said something TO HIM not to anyone else and I got muted and after you get muted you have to relogg becuase its bugged and you will never get unmuted if you don't ... today I got banned because I was asking why aeris didn't mute people who where actually causing disturbances in the game and she simply got smart with me and was all like you don't punish people. I do. and lufia. and kajika.... Really now she sounds like she is egocentric to me.... I got tired of her getting smart with me because she does 24/7 so I cussed her out and she banned me I feel like if this mod harrassment is to be continued and ruinning the fun for dmo then there is no point in playing in the first place....
Probably a dude anyway.
Sigh another mod abusement. Aeris banned me for no reason after i simply told her that she didnt unban crusher EVEN AFTER AERIS SAID SHE WOULD. I hate how aeris can lie and abuse mod powers and get away with it while everyone else suffers. Please do something about this.
lol thats just like how i pmed her and asked nicely if she could unban crusher
i even said please!
i asked once
and with no warning
i was banned
I'm Still banned and it's been 2 days.. I would like to see aeris's mod removed. She is just an antagonist that abuses her mod ..She does it becuase she knows that as soon as we say anything we will get banned and kajika and lufia will belive her..
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