Since the two-button challenge was inspired in part by the Cartridge Classic, I've decided to follow in Lummox's example and have postponed it. The new deadline will be January 32nd 31st, 2006; there will be a new announcement at the beginning of January clarifying things once and for all.

Anywho, on to the important stuff! See, one of the reasons for pushing back the two-button challenge was lack of time, money, and energy, the three being closely related--paying my bills for the semester cleaned out my bank account, so I have to work a more full-time schedule, which in turn has cleaned me out. Unfortunately, for those of you following along at home, this means I haven't gotten as much work done on Champions as I had hoped. But things are starting to look up--I think I've gotten myself settled down into a working routine (a few strategically placed paid holidays certainly aren't hurting any). I've been making great progress on the main hurdle (creating a nifty HTML character creation interface with my noobtacular Javascript skillz), at which point things should start falling into place pretty regularly. I'm hoping I can get it back up to speed within a week to a week and a half (just in time for classes to start up again, hooray!) Other than the new interface stuff it will mostly just be behind-the-scenes changes (although I do plan on tweaking the battle formulae some. If I have enough time, though, I think I might shoot for a new class of some sort (mostly because there's an odd number right now and it looks goofy in the creation display).
The one thing that makes me wary of using a JavaScript-based character creation system is the fact that people can disable JavaScript in their MSIE browser.

Since the BYOND browser is just an integrated version of MSIE, that means that you can't always rely on JavaScript to be enabled.

There is, of course, a workaround: use JavaScript to forward the user automatically to a byond:// link. If that link is called, then they obviously have JavaScript enabled.
I've yet to see an update; is the deadline still tonight? Where do we submit, etc?
I was wondering how things were going with this -- I thought it was a great idea, but couldn't think of anything I could do justice to within the limitations. I'm a free spirit, man!