Dance Of Shadows (Kage No Odori)

by Dariuc
Dance Of Shadows (Kage No Odori)
Epic Ninja Action In Small Shinobi Packages.
Finally all set up so I can host and test. I'll be looking for key things such as bugs, ideas on improvement in gameplay and mapping(because admittedly I suck at mapping)

If you'd like to help out/play test leave a message here.

There will be a few areas of the game open for play.

2 Villages and a forest map.
k,when are you gona host it.
Well unfortunately I got asked to stay late at work this evening. I'm off tomorrow so it should be then.
:\ dam ok
I can host so you can check it out for a bit. there isn't much to do at this point.
it's up. check out the overview.
lol what is this blue flame
LOL. Something I forgot to take out. It's energy armor. It blocks all damage you recieve while it's in effect.
It's supposed to be a ninpo but I was testing it.

To talk, you press enter and you can chat with people in your village, or the area you are in.
drains alota power tho
In response to EvilKid66
EvilKid66 wrote:
drains alota power tho

It's meant to be an advanced defense technique. Your character begins relatively weak.
P.S. I'm actually looking for people who I can get feedback from.
ill tell u tommorrow i tested enough im gona go to bed
i want to help in tommorows test tell me a time and foreward me the link and ill be there
I added everyone to pager that expressed interest in hosting. I'm hosting now til bedtime.